Find here the simplest animations to use on your video editing software. These animations can be used on a website landing page to give it a more vibrant look.


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Battery Management app preview picture
by Pan in Animation
Jun 30, 2019
Battery management app, turn on the power saving mode and turn off the power saving mode. Click the GIF above to see ...
SpinThatShit: A set of SCSS mixins for single element loaders preview picture
Jun 10, 2019
SpinThatShit is a small set of Sass mixins to create loaders and spinners based on a single HTML element. You can eas...
Gallery Transition Effect preview picture
Jun 06, 2019
Here's a cool Gallery Transition Effect for you! It makes the best choice transition effect for gallery related apps...
Sports Shoe App XD  Parallax Animation preview picture
Jun 01, 2019
Here’s another animated freebie from Yogesh Madharam ( Click the image above to play, and v...
Launcher animation for Grocery shopping app preview picture
May 30, 2019
This free Launcher Animation for Grocery shopping app is designed and released fo free by Green Toad (https://thedroi...
Magic Bottle freebie preview picture
Feb 13, 2019
This wonderful animation by Tribhuvan Suthar is downloadable for free as an afdesign file which means you can customi...
Christmas Flat Set preview picture
Dec 22, 2018
Christmas is coming! get ready with your stuff. this 15 icons in SVG and PNG + 5 animated icons will color your day t...
Auto Animate Freebies preview picture
Dec 11, 2018
"Today Abhishek SM is sharing another XD freebie with the community, making new examples of how to use Adobe XD’s aut...
Smoke Animation Free Rig preview picture
Dec 04, 2017
Today's freebie is another interesting motion design rig from YaroFlasher ( Play wi...
Fire Animation Free Rig preview picture
Dec 03, 2017
Today's freebie is an interesting rig from motion design school. It's build with shapes and modifiers. The main part ...